Thursday, May 19, 2011

Donate Your Used Android/iOS Devices to Education

I teach programming to high school juniors and seniors. I started teaching game development this year, and found mobile App and game development the direction to take my class this fall.

For my class, I currently have some devices.

I would really like one device per student (each OS would be really nice).
As for the iPod Touches, I need 3rd gen or later to use UDK. The iPad I have works for this, but it would be nice for students to have their own iPod Touch. As for Android devices, some of the stuff I teach requires Android 2.2 or later (@CoronaSDK). Only the Xoom I have qualifies for this.

I understand the SDK's come with emulators, but it means SO much more to see your app/game running on an actual device. I do understand students can share devices, also. However, I would like one per student so they can take it home to do work, etc.

iOS Devices:
  • 3rd (32 GB or 64 GB) or 4th gen Touch
  • iPad (1st gen)
Android Devices:
  • any 2.2+ device/phone
  • at least one Nook Color to test CoronaSDK on it

What I am willing to accept:
ANY iOS Device
ANY Android Device

I will donate the unneeded ones to another school or charity. If you are a school that wants devices for mobile development, contact me.

If you would like to donate, please contact me.

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