Monday, November 19, 2012

Teaching Tech with Badges (virtual and iron-on)!

Do you teach technology (arduino, raspberry pi, mobile dev, 3dprinting, making, hacking, etc.)?

I have been looking at the idea of using gamification in my classroom for some time now.  I really like the idea of quest-based learning and inquiry-based learning. -- Give the students a quest or topic, and they learn what is needed to complete it.  This is how many of us learn in the "real world."  When I looked for gamification ideas, I happened upon Boy Scouts.  I love the idea of earning merit badges.  Merit badges have specific requirements -- see Boy Scouts Computers merit badge for example.

Of course, most all of us already know about Edmodo's badge system.  The cool thing is that teachers can create their own badges with their own (unattached) requirements.  The problem is that the teacher has to create their own badges with their own requirements! :)

The two examples below are badges with pre-defined requirements.  Why reinvent the wheel? :)