Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Business Partnership

My name is Steve Keinath, and I teach Computer Programming (game and App development) to high school juniors and seniors.  I am one of three teachers in the Information Technology cluster at the Jackson Area Career Center (a service of Jackson County Intermediate School District).  The two other classes are Computer Systems Tech (A+ certification) and Computer Network Security (Cisco certification).

I have been thinking about how we could connect our students with businesses with also giving to the community.  In the past, I might have asked for help from businesses, but didn't include the part where we gave back (to the community or otherwise).  For instance: before this school year started, I approached many businesses for free or cheap Android devices.  I didn't include the giving back part, and you guessed it, I received little to no response.  I've thought about doing community classes before, but didn't really know what the subject would be.  Finally, I melded these two ideas together with this business partnership idea.

Business Partnership Proposal:
To work with a technology store (with a local presence, possibly) where the store loans us the newest technology, and our students review it (write articles), learn it, and teach it for free to the community (the business' customers).

Our students will work on their technical writing for the product reviews.  They will create and teach lessons for the community classes; this will help their skills of: planning, knowing their audience, knowing the technology, etc.

It will be a win/win/win/win situation.  The school will win by having free access to the newest technology.  The community will win by having access to free technology classes covering the items they just purchased.  The business will win by having affordable, after-the-sale customer services.  And, of course, the students will win by demonstrating good writing, planning, and communication skills while learning the latest and greatest technology.

Please contact me for more information.

Steve Keinath
Jackson Area Career Center

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